Jaime Green

Jan 2

Today was my first day at yoga in a long while, and it made me happy, except the church sanctuary where the class was held (the studio’s studio burned down last year) was freezing, and my toes stayed cold through the whole practice. There’s no heat or hot water in my apartment building, either, so I am grateful that my gym is just two blocks away, and I’m headed there to shower. Then I will come home and roast a butternut squash so the oven heats up the apartment for the cats. 

Then I will clean off my desk and my satellite desk, the kitchen table. I will learn how to spell  satellite. I will organize the semester’s papers, read for a while, and get started on the rest of winter break. 

In case you were wondering, that’s my plan. It’s also what I typed up to procrastinate from going to shower at the gym.

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