Jaime Green

Feb 27

Jordan Jesse Go ep. 264: Murderous Pigs with Dan Telfer

  • Jordan: I went to the science center. By the way, Dan, what do you think it would cost to see a real spaceship?
  • Dan: I've spent too much to go to places like this, too.
  • Jesse: Before you guess, I'll just clarify for you, this fucker's been to space. It's the same one. It's not the recreation of it.
  • Dan: Huh. Let's say thirty-five dollars per adult.
  • Jordan: Dan. Two bucks. It cost TWO BUCKS to see the spaceship.
  • Dan: Ohhhh, snap.
  • Jordan: I was prepared to throw down a thirty-five bucks. I'm like, I've been wanting to see this thing. I'm doing alright. I'm prepared to throw down the cash. Two bucks.
  • Jesse: You can't see Shamu for two bucks, I'll tell you that much.
  • Jordan: Yeah, I know. And that's never even been to space! That's only been to the ionosphere!
  • Dan: They really oughta throw some whales in space.
  • Jesse: Has Shamu been to the ionosphere?
  • Jordan: Yeah.
  • Jesse: Transparent aluminum, right?
  • (laughter)
  • Jesse (singing): Star Trek IV.

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